Quick answers to frequently asked questions

Our HR manager, Natalie Weidner, provides answers to frequently asked questions here. Should you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us by phone (+49 221 921841 - 286) or email (jobs@ifb.ey.com).

What specializations are of interest to the EY ifb?

We welcome candidates from diverse professional backgrounds. These include natural sciences, mathematics and computer science as well as economics or interdisciplinary studies. We solve complex issues with our customers and therefore analytical skills, initiative, thinking outside the box and fun at work are far more important to us than your field of study. Please contact us if you are not sure which area might best fit your profile.

When should I apply?

We hire new team members on an ongoing basis. Apply for a specific job or simply send your application and let us identify potential opportunities at our company for you. We have no formal application deadlines. However, we do recommend you plan for approximately three months prior to hiring (or a bit more for experienced professionals depending on the period of notice). We not only want to get to know you, but also give you a full idea of who we are. An informed decision requires time.

How can I best prepare for the interviews?

Be authentic and show us who you are. Ultimately, the interview process is about finding out whether we fit together. Of course, we will ask you questions about your area of expertise and discuss relevant issues with you. Nevertheless, we are not only interested in your know-how, but also in your enthusiasm for tackling similar or even entirely different challenges

What happens between the day the contract is signed and the first day of work?

Your contact persons from the specific business unit and the HR department will be available for questions at any time even after your contract has been signed. Don't hesitate to contact us. Shortly before you start your job with us, we will provide you with information about your first day of work and the usual formalities, as well as a fact sheet.